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You no longer need to travel to a medical facility like a hospital or a nursing home to get health services from a skilled nurse. With your physician’s recommendation, the skilled nurse will be the one to visit your home instead.

Skilled Nursing services can include:

Please call us to inquire about a schedule or the available care options for you. Contact us by phone through 703-663-8864.


A Physical Therapist will visit you at home to administer the treatment recommended by your private physician. Based on your therapy requirements, the Physical Therapy will help you recover or manage a disability with the following care service inclusions:

Your Occupational Therapist will provide you with:

We will also coordinate with your physician for approval of the care plan. You can get many benefits from occupational therapy. Set an appointment today so we can talk more about receiving care at home.


An Occupational Therapist designs a recovery plan that will fit your health requirements, living conditions and schedule. Since you will be treated at home, you can worry less about travelling to the care facility.

You can feel better and be healthier with the help of a Physical Therapist. Ask us how to avail of this service at home by calling 703-663-8864.


Prospect Homecare Agency has Speech Therapists who will help improve the communication skills of those patients who have:

While the state holds standards for Speech Therapy and the administration thereof, Prospect Homecare Agency aims to exceed those standards. You can expect only the best services from us.

Medical Social Worker

When you or your family faces the stresses of life like an untimely death or a loved one getting sick, you need all the support you can get. Prospect Homecare Agency has Medical Social Workers who can give you the support you are looking for.